Return & Refund Policy

Standard Return & Refund Policy

Love Buying and Selling with’s great and standard Return and Refund policy. Here at we value our customer rights and put the maximum effort to satisfy their rights.


To claim for Refund or Return, sincerely check the purchased product(s) Warranty as per the policies, if it falls under the Warranty policies and also Returns & Refund policies, then you can claim for Refund or Return.

How to process for a Refund or Return?

The customer(s) can process for a refund or a return if/and only it falls under the Warranty and Refund & Return Policies.

  1. Make a refund or return ticket.
  2. Refund & Return support team will review the case & product, if approved
  3. If approved, the pickup process will start.
  4. The costumer(s) will receive the payed amount back including delivery & payment charges.

Refund & Return Policies

  • Costumer can claim for Refund for the purchased product(s) within 7 days from the product(s) delivery.
  • Amount of refund includes the product price and the delivery & payment fees
  • The original invoice & bill is mandatory for claiming refund..
  • Any physically damaged, scratched, spoiled and/or missing Products(s) and its component(s)/accessories can be claimed for warranty if reported in delivery time.
  • The product(s) should have the complete package and its original component(s) when sold. In Laptops it should not be unboxed.
  • The product should not be in used condition even though if consumed for a short period of time.
  • No hardware and/or software should be installed, uninstalled, removed and/or replaced form the product(s).