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Dell Alienware x16 R1 Gaming Laptop, i9-13900HK, 32GB, 1TB SSD, Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 12gb Gddr6, 16", QHD, RGB ENG KB, Win 11 Home

Brand : Dell

Model : Alienware x16 R1

SKU : 7A5F8C

AED 16,990.00AED 16,720.00Including Vat


Condition : Brand New



Operating System

Categories : Laptops , Sub Categories : Gaming

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    • BrandDell
    • Model NoAlienware x16 R1
    • ColorLunar Silver
    • ProcessorIntel Core i9
    • Processor Generation13th
    • Memory Capacity32 GB
    • Storage Capacity1TB
    • Operating SystemWindows 11 Home
    • Graphic CardNvidia GeForce RTX 4080
    • Graphic VRAM12 GB
    • Screen Size16″
    • Screen Resolution2560 x 1600
    • Screen typeQHD
    • HDMIYes
    • KeyboardRGB English Keyboard
    • MicrophoneYes
    • speakers2
    • Weight2.72 kg (6 lb)
    • Backlight TechnologyLED
    • BluetoothYes
    • ConditionBrand New
    • Memorycard ReaderYes
    • HTMI Outputs1
    • USB Ports2
    • Sound ModeTweeter speaker: 2W x 2 Woofer speaker: 3W x 4
    • USB Type CYes


    Dell Alienware x16

    The Dell Alienware x16 is a highly sought-after gaming laptop that has gained popularity among gaming enthusiasts in the UAE. With its powerful performance, stunning visuals, and advanced features, the Dell Alienware x16 delivers an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we explore the availability, features, and benefits of the Dell Alienware x16 in the UAE market.

    Dell Alienware x16 Price

    Understanding the price of the Dell Alienware x16 is crucial for potential buyers in the UAE. By evaluating the pricing options available from different retailers and online platforms, you can determine the cost of this gaming laptop and find the best deal that fits your budget. We discuss the price range and factors that may influence the cost of the Dell Alienware x16 in the UAE.


    Dell Alienware x16 Specifications

    The Dell Alienware x16 boasts impressive specifications that contribute to its high-performance gaming capabilities. This section provides a detailed overview of the specifications, including the processor, graphics card, RAM capacity, storage options, display quality, and other hardware features. Understanding the specifications helps gamers in the UAE assess whether the Dell Alienware x16 meets their gaming requirements.

    Dell Alienware x16 Review

    Reading reviews of the Dell Alienware x16 provides valuable insights into the experiences of other users in the UAE. This section includes an analysis of the overall performance, build quality, display clarity, keyboard and trackpad, cooling system, battery life, and user satisfaction. By considering multiple reviews from trusted sources, gamers can make an informed decision about purchasing the Dell Alienware x16.

    Buy Dell Alienware x16

    For those interested in buying the Dell Alienware x16 in the UAE, it's important to explore reputable retailers and online platforms. This section provides guidance on where to purchase the Dell Alienware x16, including authorized Dell retailers and trusted online marketplaces. It also highlights factors to consider, such as warranty, customer support, and after-sales service. smababa provides all these on their physical store.

    Dell Gaming Laptops

    The Dell Alienware x16 is part of Dell's renowned gaming laptop lineup, catering to the gaming community in the UAE. In this section, we discuss the range of Dell gaming laptops available in the UAE market, including their features, performance, and unique selling points. This information helps gamers explore various options and select the Dell gaming laptop that best suits their gaming needs.


    Alienware x16 Performance

    The performance of the Dell Alienware x16 is a crucial aspect for gamers in the UAE. This section delves into the gaming capabilities, processing power, graphics performance, and overall system performance of the Alienware x16. It highlights the laptop's ability to handle demanding games and provides an overview of the gaming experience it offers.

    Alienware x16 Features

    The Dell Alienware x16 is packed with features designed to enhance the gaming experience. This section highlights key features such as high refresh rate displays, advanced cooling systems, customizable RGB lighting, immersive audio technology, connectivity options, and software enhancements. Understanding these features allows gamers in the UAE to assess the unique advantages of the Alienware x16.

    Dell Gaming Laptops Price

    Apart from the Alienware x16, Dell offers a range of gaming laptops in the UAE. This section explores the pricing options and ranges for Dell gaming laptops in the UAE market. By comparing prices and considering the specifications and features of different models, gamers can find the Dell gaming laptop that meets their performance and budget requirements.


    Gaming Laptops

    The UAE market offers a wide range of gaming laptops to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of gamers. From popular brands like Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and MSI, to specialized gaming laptop models such as the Alienware x16, there are plenty of options available for gaming enthusiasts in the UAE. When it comes to gaming laptops in the UAE, gamers can choose from various price points, specifications, and features. From entry-level gaming laptops suitable for casual gamers to high-end, performance-driven machines for professional gamers, the market offers a plethora of choices.

    In addition to the Dell Alienware x16, gamers can explore other gaming laptop models that boast powerful processors, high-resolution displays, dedicated graphics cards, RAM, and fast storage options. These laptops are designed to handle demanding games, deliver smooth gameplay, and provide an immersive gaming experience.

    When purchasing a gaming laptop in the UAE, gamers should consider factors such as price, performance, display quality, cooling capabilities, keyboard and trackpad comfort, battery life, and connectivity options. It's also important to assess the reputation of the brand, warranty coverage, customer support, and after-sales service to ensure a satisfactory gaming experience.

    The UAE market provides gamers with a wide range of retail options, including authorized brand stores, electronics retailers, online marketplaces, and specialized gaming stores. This allows gamers to compare prices, avail of promotional offers, and choose a purchasing platform that suits their convenience and preferences.


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