1. Brand New

  • Items are sealed pack in original retail packing
  • Warranty: 12 Months (else otherwise stated)

2. Refurbished

  • Refurbished items have been cleaned, repaired, and inspected to ensure they’re in like-new condition. However, “refurbished” can mean different things to different retailers — the product may have been refurbished by the original manufacturer or simply fixed up by the retailer itself — so read the fine print and know what you’re buying.
  • Factory refurbished items have been sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired. They have been restored to like-new condition by the original manufacturer, tested just like a brand-new item, and often come with a full warranty.
  • Certified refurbished items are simply refurbished items that are certified by some source. The source may be the original manufacturer — for example, you can buy Apple certified refurbished products or Samsung certified refurbished products — in which case it is likely also a factory refurbished item. However, the product may also be certified by a third party (for example, Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers its own certified refurbished products).
  • Warranty: 3 Months (else otherwise stated)

3. Open Box

  • Open-box products are often unused returns or demo models from retail locations that just can’t be sold as “Brand New” anymore. Some of the products may have never even been powered on, but have merely been removed from their packaging at some point. As a result, these products are heavily discounted even though you can expect them to function as if they were new.
  • Open-box deals are one of the best “open secrets” of the savvy shopper — it’s the perfect way to get a like-new product for a fraction of the original retail price.
  • Warranty: 3 Months (else otherwise stated)


  • Used items are just that: They’ve been previously used. These items may show wear to some degree (and you’ll want to carefully check their condition before you buy) 
  • Warranty: 1 Week (else otherwise stated)
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