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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Pro PoE, 24-Port Gigabit Managed PoE, Network Switch with SFP+

Brand : Ubiquiti

Model : Networks UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port

AEDĀ 2,999.00AEDĀ 2,651.00Including Vat


Condition : Brand New

Categories : Accessories , Sub Categories : Switches

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    • BrandUbiquiti
    • Model NoNetworks UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port
    • ColorWhite
    • Operating System
    • Screen Size1.3"
    • WeightWithout mounting brackets: 4.3 kg (9.5 lb), With mounting brackets: 4.4 kg (9.7 lb)
    • ConditionBrand New
    • FeaturesTouchscreen


    Upgrade Your Network with Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port

    Discover the power of advanced networking solutions with the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch. If you're seeking to elevate your network capabilities in the UAE, this switch is designed to meet your demands with superior performance and reliability.

    Ubiquiti UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port Price

    Explore the value and competitive pricing of the UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch in the UAE. Access cutting-edge networking technology without compromising your budget. Compare prices to find the best deal that aligns with your business requirements.

    UniFi Pro 24-Port PoE Switch

    Elevate your network infrastructure in the UAE with the UniFi Pro 24-Port PoE switch. This powerful switch is engineered for seamless integration, delivering unparalleled performance and connectivity. With 24 Gigabit PoE ports, you'll have the speed and power to support your growing network needs.

    Ubiquiti Networks PoE Switch

    Experience the innovation of Ubiquiti Networks PoE switches in Dubai. The UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port model is built to deliver reliable and high-performance networking solutions for businesses of all sizes. Empower your operations with the latest in network technology.

    High-Performance Network Switch

    Unleash the potential of your network with a high-performance solution tailored for the UAE. The UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch is designed to handle the demands of modern businesses, ensuring smooth data flow, low latency, and efficient communication.

    UniFi Pro 24-Port Gigabit Switch

    Upgrade to Gigabit speeds and PoE capabilities with the UniFi Pro 24-Port Gigabit Switch in the UAE. This switch offers lightning-fast data transfer rates along with the convenience of Power over Ethernet, simplifying device connectivity and powering.

    Ubiquiti Network Equipment

    Rely on the proven expertise of Ubiquiti network equipment in the UAE. The UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch is a part of Ubiquiti's renowned UniFi series, known for its exceptional performance and scalability. Create a network infrastructure that can adapt and grow with your business.

    PoE Network Switch Installation

    Seamlessly integrate the UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch into your network setup with professional installation services in Dubai. Our experts ensure a smooth setup process, from configuration to optimization, allowing you to make the most of your network investment.

    Managed PoE Switch Features

    Experience the advantages of a managed switch with the UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port model. Enjoy full control over your network settings, from traffic management to Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization. Optimize data flow, enhance security, and streamline your operations.

    Reliable Network Switch

    Ensure the reliability of your network infrastructure in Dubai with the UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch. This solution is built to provide consistent connectivity, reducing downtime and maintaining efficient business operations.

    Best Enterprise Network Switch

    Experience enterprise-level networking capabilities in the UAE with the UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch. Designed to meet the demands of large-scale operations, this switch offers the features and performance required for high-traffic environments.

    Elevate your network capabilities in the UAE with the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Pro PoE 24-Port switch. Empower your business with advanced technology, seamless connectivity, and efficient network management.


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